EGF/2014/001 EL/Nutriart

The project supported 508 beneficiaries, former workers made redundant by the company “Nutriart ABEE”  (‘the primary enterprise’) as well as 25 suppliers and producers whose activity ceased as dependent on the primary enterprise.

The primary enterprise operated in the economic sector according to the NACE Rev. 24 classification in Division 10 ‘Food manufacturing’. The companies concerned belonged to the NUTS level 5 regions, 2 of Central Macedonia (EL 12) and that of Attica (EL 30).


The project was approved with a budget of EUR 7.700.000,00 from which 60% was co-funded by the EGF 2014-2020 and 40 % by the National Public Investment Programme (PIP) national funds.

The Program duration was from 30/4/2014 to 30/4/2016.


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